American stage and film actor John Lithgow takes the title role in Arthur Wing Pinero’s fast, furious, brilliantly plotted Victorian farce.

With his louche air and a developed taste for smoking, gambling, port and women, it’s hard to believe Cis Farringdon is only 14. And that’s because he isn’t. Agatha, his mother, lopped five years from her age and his when she married the amiable Mr Posket.

The imminent arrival of Cis’s godfather sends Agatha incognito to the Hôtel des Princes to warn of her deception. But it’s also where her son has cajoled his otherwise staid stepfather into joining him for a binge. Indignities escalate at court the next day where Posket must preside.

To win a pair of tickets, outline how you would get Farringdon off the charges likely to arise from the binge. Suggestions (farcical or serious) to

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