Obiter is more than a little disappointed that a feature in the latest British Vogue titled ‘Law of attraction’ includes few practical answers to the sartorial challenges thrown up by the average lawyer’s diary (too many chunky knits, mainly).

However, male colleagues who fear being wrong-footed by the sudden appearance of cobalt-and-vermillion printed suits, or whatever, in 2013 are better catered for at legal clothing stalwart Ede & Ravenscroft, which revealed its spring/summer collection to Obiter last week.

In its robing room, staff still have Lord Denning’s measurements to hand – but elsewhere things are more confidently on-trend. We can report that in this season’s ties and pocket squares, lovely pastels sit alongside strong, bright colours, and there is lots being done with nicely designed paisley. Suits are getting more lightweight, and garish boat-club colours are thankfully moving off blazers and being confined to neckwear.

One trend was altogether more surprising: a sustained growth in the popularity of traditional white tie for evening events. The reason? It seems however hard lawyers work, they are clearly at home on the chaise longue by 9pm on Sundays watching Downton Abbey on ITV1.

Ede & Ravenscroft, founded in 1689, is known as a place to go to ‘get things right’. So what, Obiter wondered, was the most common mistake made when assembling white tie and tails unsupervised? The big faux pas is choosing a short topper of the type modeled on dressage-wear, but Obiter was alarmed to hear that an even more common error is picking a black bow tie.

Readers, some of you need to concentrate just that little bit harder.