Obiter is always keen to hear from Jonathan Djanogly, notwithstanding the rather sour taste left by his recent communications on legal aid.

And we smelt a gold-plated scoop last week when the Twitter feed from @JonDjanogly offered up evidence of a leadership plot at the very summit of government: ‘Phewphie! Thrilling PMQs as per. You can’t help looking on in awe and thinking "how will i cope when i’m in that situation?".’

Another tweet from the same source said: ‘And my liberation of legal aid seems to be going swimmingly. Mr Cameron shook me by the hand this morning and said "well done Jonny".’

Alas, alas, a little digging reveals that the feed is a fake.

The real @JonDjanogly assures us that he has no knowledge of where the messages come from – or even how he can read them for himself.