Congratulations to employment solicitor Larkin Cen, who made it through to last night’s final of MasterChef, despite a kitchen calamity in a previous episode in which his souffle crashed to the floor.

Cen has been a solicitor for three years at Morgan Cole in Bristol. Like the two other finalists he has a moving backstory. His parents were born in China – his mum was a peasant farmer and his dad worked in a factory. They came over here to make a better life and ran a Chinese takeaway in Wales.

Cen, who almost quit his law degree to become a chef, dreams of setting up his own catering company. With his appearance in MasterChef, things are coming to a head. In last night’s show, he says: ‘It’s coming to the stage now where you think, do you fight hard to do something you love or do you follow a career path that is going to make you successful?’

Obiter wasn’t clear which of those options referred to law and which to cooking.

Cen’s menu, cooked in Chinese style in memory of his grandfather, looked mouthwatering. Alas for the legal profession, however, the MasterChef title went to Hackney disc jockey Natalie Coleman.

But whether Cen ends up choosing the wig or the wok, Obiter wishes him every success.