Registered Charity No: 1070618 (England & Wales).

Saving more lives from any disease requires ground-breaking medical research.

Treatments and cures for anything from cancer to diabetes and Alzheimer’s are only found thanks to the dedicated work of brilliant scientists striving to understand incredibly complex issues. At times research is disheartening, funds seem unattainable and progress is hampered by bureaucracy.

The Academy of Medical Sciences provides expert advice to public policy makers and we work to ensure pioneering research can progress in the UK. We recognise the importance of nurturing young scientists to pursue careers in research and provide support through mentoring, training and funding schemes.

We achieve this through our network of nearly 1,300 elected Fellows who are the best medical researchers in the country, having made hundreds of life-changing discoveries themselves. They volunteer their time free of charge to ensure medical research can continue to find new treatments for diseases for us now, our children, and their children in the future.

We recognise that your loved ones will always come first, but if the time is ever right for you to consider leaving a gift in your Will to a charity, please consider leaving a gift to the Academy of Medical Sciences. Pledging a gift in your Will provides valuable support for us to fulfil our unique role in ensuring pioneering research helps to improve health. A gift of just 1% of your Will ensures your loved ones are looked after, and can still leave a lasting impact on the medical research community. Every gift in every Will however large or small makes a difference. We would be truly honoured to be part of your legacy.