Registered Charity No: 1146896 (England & Wales), SC045327 (Scotland).

Animal Free Research UK is the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity. We fund and promote the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in medical research. We award grants to scientists in universities, hospitals and other research organisations across the UK to help in the fight against diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, whilst saving animals from confinement and the pain and trauma of experiments.

The sad truth is that although we try to fund a few new grants every year, we have to turn away the vast majority of applications because there is simply not enough money to go around.

We rely on donations and legacies from kind people like you who are motivated by compassion for animals as well as wanting to help in the fight against devastating health conditions. Leaving a gift in your will to Animal Free Research UK means you won’t have to choose between saving a helpless animal from suffering or advancing medical research - you will be helping both important causes. We are grateful for every gift, large or small, we receive. If you would like to help us continue our vital work, please consider leaving us a gift in your will. Thank you.