Registered Charity No: 299835 (England & Wales).

The Barn Owl Trust is a small charity working hard to conserve one of the most beautiful birds on earth. Anyone who has ever watched a Barn Owl hunting at dusk has surely been touched by the experience but in recent years these magical birds have become increasingly rare – and the reasons are all man-made.

Today our small but dedicated team of staff and volunteers visit farms to erect nest boxes, advise land managers on habitat creation, and respond to potentially damaging planning applications. We have carried out ground-breaking research into causes of decline (such as major-road mortality and barn conversions) and made recommendations for policy changes.

Founded in 1988 with a donation of just £25, the Barn Owl Trust has established an excellent reputation amongst conservation organisations. Despite being consulted by government and recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List (2007), we are still a grassroots organisation and pride ourselves on the sheer amount of practical work we undertake. This includes turning 26 acres of intensively managed land, purchased with our first major legacy, into Barn Owl Heaven.

All things are connected and if people lived in balance with nature then Barn Owls, and so much other wildlife, could thrive. Your legacy to the Barn Owl Trust will make a huge difference. It will enable us to continue our work restoring the balance; educating children, rescuing and rehabilitating injured owls, encouraging habitat creation, providing high-quality information free of charge, and much more.