Registered Charity No: 1186061 (England & Wales).

“I am around today thanks to investment in research.”
Paul Reynolds, Bowel Research UK Chair and bowel cancer survivor.

Every year more than 41,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer. It’s the 2nd biggest cancer killer and takes a life the equivalent of every half an hour. Some 300,000 people live with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Still incurable, Colitis and Crohn’s disease often begin in childhood - most under 18s are diagnosed at the age of 12. 100,000 people live with a stoma (excreting through an opening in the abdomen).

Bowel cancer kills, and other diseases can cause misery and devastate people’s quality of life. Colitis and Crohn’s can cause such pain that it can only be managed with morphine-based drugs which have to be administered in hospital.

Despite the serious impact of bowel disease on individuals and families, it receives about half the funding that it should, perhaps because bowels and their function are one of the very last taboos. We fund the best research around the UK, to investigate new ideas and we support future experts through our PhD studentship programme. We also involve patients, their loved ones and carers in our work.

Our support has delivered the first National Centre dedicated to bowel research, progressed our understanding of how bowel cancer develops and is helping us to understand and manage pain for people living with chronic inflammatory bowel disease.

We aim to save and change lives and your gift will help us to do just this.