Registered Charity No: 1084364 (England & Wales).

When Susan Channon, a young mother, died of breast cancer over 20 years ago, her friends, family and colleagues formed the breast cancer charity that bears her name.

The aims of this charity are to invest in the people who deliver care for breast cancer patients in the North of England and to allow doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other health care professionals:

  • to visit centres of excellence in the UK and abroad to bring back the best clinical practice to the North of England.
  • to attend national and international breast cancer conferences to bring back the latest knowledge on the management of patients.
  • to attend professional training courses in the latest management of patients with breast cancer.

As a small charity we are able to ensure that 98% of funds collected go directly to awards to help improve breast cancer care.

We rely entirely on voluntary donations. A donation or legacy can help to improve, within the North of England, the care of patients with breast cancer.