Registered Charity No: 1063947 (England & Wales), SC041997 (Scotland).

Cat Action Trust was established in 1975, as the UK pioneer in promoting the welfare of feral cats. We were from the outset committed to caring not culling and were among the first to use the humane trap, neuter, return (TNR) method of managing feral cat colonies. Over the years we have broadened our voluntary work to include assisting lost or abandoned domestic cats that had been forced to fend for themselves.

Our charity supports a network of enthusiastic volunteers across the UK who seek to improve the welfare of these “unnoticed” cats and in so doing they help save cats from a life of hunger, hardship and abuse. All cats that come into our care are neutered and given any veterinary treatment they may need. We are a non-euthanasia organisation and will only put a cat to sleep if they are terminally ill and suffering; or so badly injured they could not survive.

We see and treat some terrible injuries and believe every cat and kitten deserves to be healthy and cared for and preferably with a comfy lap to sit on!

A gift in a Will helps us to:

  • Fund the essential veterinary care of neglected or injured feral and domestic cats
  • Provide the food and litter whilst cats are rehabilitating in our care
  • Purchase and maintain the vital equipment our volunteers use to trap and transport feral cats.
  • Socialise and rehome feral kittens that are young enough to be domesticated.

If you can, please remember The Cat Action Trust in your Will: you would make a real difference to the welfare of cats that are otherwise ignored and left to struggle alone.