Registered Charity No: 293787 (England & Wales).

Thousands of healthy cats and dogs, kittens and puppies will die today and every day. Why? They were born into a world where there are not enough homes to go round. Countless strays are struggling for survival on the streets - cold, hungry, frightened - condemned to a life of suffering and often victims of cruelty. There is a humane alternative to this sickening daily slaughter and misery. We must reduce the number of puppies and kittens born. This can be achieved by the establishment of low-cost neuter clinics. In 1995 C.H.A.T. opened the country’s first low-cost neuter clinic for cats and dogs in South London. In 1999, the Trust opened a second neuter clinic in East London and these provide an essential service for people on benefit, a pension or a low income. The clinics neuter approximately 16,500 and vaccinate 24,000 dogs and cats annually, and provide subsidised veterinary treatment for sick and injured pets.

We already run an extensive animal rescue service and sanctuary accommodation but this can only help in the short term. Ultimately, the suffering will continue until low-cost neutering is widely available to people unable to afford private veterinary fees.

Please remember us in your Will and/or send a donation to help fund our essential work.