Registered Charity No: 1102769 (England & Wales).

Vascular disease is as common as cancer and heart disease. It affects more than 4 million people in the UK alone and can affect anyone at any time. It is a devastating and debilitating disease but the warning signs can lie dormant for years.

The Circulation Foundation is the UK’s only national charity dedicated to raising money for pioneering research into the causes, prevention and treatment of vascular disease. We also provide vital support and information for vascular disease patients and their families.

Vascular disease affects the blood vessels. It is caused by inflammation and weakness of the arteries and by the build up of fatty deposits. When the blood flow is compromised around the body, it can affect every other organ, causing conditions which include heart failure, kidney failure, stroke and amputation.

Almost all of us will know someone who is affected by vascular disease. Please help us to reduce the 200,000 preventable deaths in the UK each year caused by vascular disease by remembering the Circulation Foundation in your Will.

Your donation will save lives and limbs.

For further information, please contact The Circulation Foundation on 01543 442194.