Registered Charity No: 1092236 (England & Wales), SC038107 (Scotland).

Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation. We work with the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people to transform their lives.

A world without hunger. That’s our mission. And it’s well underway, thanks to our sustainable solutions to hunger – and people like you. Today 200 million fewer people are hungry than 25 years ago. But now we need to finish the job.

A gift in your Will could mean that, when the day without hunger arrives, you’ll be there. You’ll provide farmers with training, seeds and tools to grow more. You’ll provide livestock, water pumps, and weather resistant crops to help communities develop resilience to climate change. You’ll help families build livelihoods so they can become self-sufficient. You’ll be there alongside our hunger experts as they continue the work you’ve started.

Let’s commit to finishing the job – child by child, community by community, and country by country. We’ve come too far to leave a world without hunger to chance.

To request our information guide on how your gift can help us end hunger, please call 0800 032 4001 or email