Registered Charity No: 1039404 (England & Wales).

Helping families face dementia.

We know that living with dementia can be a hard and lonely experience. Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support through our Admiral Nurse service, working together with families to provide the one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions they need to live more positively with dementia every day.

We also run the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline, a specialist national dementia helpline and email service. Callers include families, carers, people diagnosed with dementia and professionals. To speak to a specialist dementia nurse today, email or call 0800 888 6678.

Dementia UK supporter and carer, Sheila, explains: “I swear my Admiral Nurse saved my life. He listened. He was compassionate. He understood my grief and heard my pain. Admiral Nurses are highly trained, with a specialist understanding of dementia. They have the skills and experience to support carers like me, in a way that’s tailored to their particular needs.”

Dementia UK believes passionately that everyone who needs the support of an Admiral Nurse should have one. A gift left in your Will can ensure this goal is reached and an Admiral Nurse will be there for every family facing dementia.

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