Registered Charity No: 1118102 (England and Wales).

FOUR PAWS has been working for the well-being and protection of animals since 1988. Our vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

We work to reduce the suffering of animals in distress. FOUR PAWS runs four sanctuaries in Europe for former dancing bears and bears from captivity. Our LIONSROCK sanctuary in South Africa is home to over 80 big cats, whom we have rescued from circuses, barren zoos and private captivity. We also neuter and treat thousands of stray dogs every year across Eastern Europe and our work helps local people understand better how to care for the dogs in their communities’. Without our intervention, these many bears and lions could still be suffering in tiny cages, with no hope of rescue.

FOUR PAWS also campaigns to reduce animal suffering around the world by strengthening legislation and changing consumer behaviour. Our UK work focuses on the puppy trade, wild animals in the circus, factory farming, and many more important issues.

Our wide range of projects, campaigns and rescue operations, as well as public information and lobbying work have achieved a lot - but there is much more to be done.

We rely completely on donations and legacies from our supporters to carry out our life-saving work. Legacies are a large percentage of our income, so without them we would not be able to help as many animals as we do. For more information or a Legacy Pack please contact us, and we hope you will consider leaving a Gift in your Will for FOUR PAWS.