Registered Charity No: 1000249 (England & Wales).

‘FRIENDS OF THE ANIMALS’ helps: dogs, cats, horses, donkey’s, farm animals, small furries, wildlife and birds.

Your wish to help animals will be assured by including a gift in your’ will to “Friends of the Animals”. The primary objective of the Charity is to help animals NOW we do not ‘sit on funds’. Concentrating on ‘preventative’ work such as: spays, neuters, inoculations, boosters and free engraved discs; we never destroy a healthy animal and we keep admin costs to a minimum.

All too often we are an animals’ VERY last chance of life. Please help us to continue our life saving work and expand and open other branches.

VETERINARY TREATMENT IS BY FAR OUR BIGGEST OUTGOING. You have many choices of Charities to support but no one appreciates it more - or tries harder than we do - to get the very best possible from every penny donated. Your help today will ensure a happier tomorrow for countless animals.

Thank you for your consideration.

Helen Sinclair MBE