Registered Charity No: 293358 (England & Wales), SC040486 (Scotland).

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains dogs to help deaf people leave loneliness behind and reconnect with life. Not only are these amazing dogs trained to alert deaf children and adults to important and life-saving sounds, such as the smoke alarm, they also provide love, companionship and emotional support. Many deaf people struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation. This combination of practical and emotional support is life-changing.

We also provide a range of other personalised services through our Hearing Link services, including support groups and a dedicated Helpdesk, to make life easier for thousands of deaf people each year.

Over half of all hearing dogs are funded by gifts in Wills. We rely on these kind gifts to continue providing life-changing hearing dogs and other support services to deaf people.

We want to see a time when no deaf person feels alone, and with hearing loss predicted to impact 14.2 million people in the UK by 2035, the demand for our services is increasing.

By leaving a gift to Hearing Dogs in your Will, you will be making it possible for us to train the hearing dogs of the future that will help deaf children and adults to reconnect with life. Thank you.