Registered Charity No: 1092575 (England & Wales).

Hospice AID UK delivers much needed grants to hospices throughout the UK.

We donate in areas where funding is not available from other sources, filling the gap that would otherwise mean hospices going without. We provide Emergency funding when Hospices have a crisis and give grants to help with their daily existence, by providing much needed resources from syringe drivers, pressure relieving mattresses, audio equipment, nurse call systems and general help towards the day-to-day running costs improving the quality of the patients’ comfort and well being and that of their close relatives.

Hospice AID UK provide funds where it is needed, when it is needed!

We hope you would like to remember Hospices by leaving a Legacy to Hospice AID UK in your Will. We can then continue to help the patients and their families for many years to come.

Your help today, could help someone tomorrow!