Registered Friendly Society Number: 698F.

Looking after Hunt Staff in their retirement.

The Hunt Staff Benefit Society (HSBS) was founded in 1872 with the aim of providing pensions and other benefits to professional Hunt Staff. Today, the Society functions as a Registered Friendly Society (No. 698F) run by and for people in the hunting community.

Anyone employed by a Hunt, whether in the kennels, stables or any other part of the Hunt establishment, can join the Pension Scheme, which has been specifically designed for Hunt Staff. The Society is owned by its Members and all profits are invested back into it. Currently all premiums paid are fully invested with no deductions for expenses and minimum benefits are guaranteed, with bonuses added from additional investment performance.

This is possible as the Society is supported by voluntary contributions, which meet the costs and overheads of administering the Society. Funds are raised through subscriptions and donations from supporters of hunting, legacies and other fundraising activities.

If you have enjoyed hunting in your lifetime, you may like to consider leaving a legacy to the HSBS in your Will. Legacies from members of the hunting community are a huge boost to our fundraising efforts, and an excellent way of giving something back to Hunt Staff, without whose hard work and dedication the sport would simply not be possible.

Patron and Governor: H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.