Registered Charity No: 213364 (England & Wales).

We formed in 1915, originally to support the widows and children of those soldiers killed in the Great War, later adding veterans and retired nursing staff to those we help.

How do we help now? Following retirement, illness or bereavement, many people need a renewed purpose in life, and many have a strong desire to continue serving their communities for as long as they can.

We help them to achieve this purpose through our volunteer programme, based on the principle of ‘helping people, to help themselves, by helping others’. This matches our volunteers (called Remembrance Workers in recognition of our origin) to hospitals and hospices, where they deliver valuable services including feeding patients, assisting on the children’s ward, working on the information desk, administration, chaplaincy, driving or the library trolley service.

Their tasks vary, but the common thread is that they are all valued enormously by those they serve. Their impact is significant, helping patients and families in ways that promote or accelerate recovery, and easing the strain on hospital resources. Pressure on local clinical and social services is reduced too, as our volunteers health and wellbeing is maintained or improved, both through feeling valued and useful, and enjoying the welfare and support we provide.

Legacy donations are vital to ensuring we can continue our support and we are grateful for your consideration. Please do contact us if you would like to know a little more about what we do.