Registered Charity No: 234434 (England & Wales).

The Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor is a religious order founded in France in 1839. The Sisters came to England in 1851 and a rapid expansion took place in towns and cities through the Country. Today there are twelve Homes in the UK and Ireland: Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin (2), Glasgow, Greenock, Leeds, London (2), Manchester, Newcastle and Waterford.

The express desire of our foundress, Jeanne Jugan, was to provide residential care for the elderly poor, regardless of their race, creed or gender. The purpose and work of the Congregation has not changed, and today we, the Little Sisters of the Poor, continue to care for the elderly of modest means in thirty countries throughout the world.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of care and security to the elderly of 65 years and over, taking into account the particular conditions associated with the ageing process.

Our objectives are:

  • To ensure that the independence, dignity and rights of all residents in the Home are promoted and maintained.
  • To ensure that all residents are encouraged and enabled to live as full a life as possible within the limits of the physical and mental abilities.
  • To ensure that an individual plan of care is developed in order that identified needs are met, and that the plan of care is reviewed and changed according to resident need.
  • To ensure that the facilities and care practices in the home contribute in a positive manner to the quality of life for the residents.