Registered Charity No: 1048073 (England & Wales).

The Foundation was established in August 1995 to support the work of the National Heart & Lung Institute, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London.

The Institute has a pivotal role in Europe’s largest service for cardiac and respiratory research.  This service  was created by a formal alliance between Imperial College, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. This alliance brings together more than 460 cardiac and thoracic surgeons, consultants, cardiologists, professors and researchers and provides a unique critical mass of expertise and patients to assist the Institute in delivering world-leading improvements in clinical care, education and research activities relating to heart and lung health.

The national burden of heart and lung disease is immense, causing unquantifiable misery. Almost every one has a family member, friend or colleague who has died or suffered from heart and lung disease. All age groups are affected. Our short term objective is to care for and improve the quality of life for those already suffering from heart and lung disease. Our longer term objective is to prevent disease through research in:

  • Understanding the root causes of disease.
  • Better methods of early detection of heart and lung disease and methods for detecting changes before disease even strikes.
  • Diagnostic techniques for screening large groups of apparently fit people.
  • Identifying individuals particularly at risk.

How quickly the National Heart & Lung Institute can achieve its objectives will depend on the generosity of the general public. We need your help and support to enable the work of the National Heart & Lung Institute to flourish and through its endeavours to protect good health, save lives and bring relief to those who suffer from heart and lung diseases.