Registered Charity No: 700037 (England & Wales).

The Northern Counties Kidney Research Fund was created in 1972 to support work for kidney transplantation, progressive kidney diseases, and replacement of kidney function by dialysis in adults and children the North of England. There are six scientific and clinical posts which the fund has established in the University and NHS Trusts.

Research Grants have been awarded to kidney specialists. Physicians, urologists and transplant surgeons, clinical and research scientists. Equipment items for research and running costs which could not have otherwise been acquired have been funded. Scientists. Physicians and Surgeons have gained National and International recognition for research work that has been supported by Northern Counties Kidney Research Fund.

All those who work for the fund do so voluntarily, and as a consequence administrative costs are minimal. Over 95% of all donations go to kidney research in the Northern Counties.

This charity is for those who wish to support National and internationally recognised research in kidney diseases, dialysis and transplantation in adults and children.