Registered Charity No: 1144840 (England & Wales).

The Open Spaces Society - protecting and preserving commons, paths, and green spaces.

“I rely on the Open Spaces Society to protect our commons - but I want to know that the society will live on after me. Leaving a legacy to the society will ensure that its vital work can continue,” so says Richard Mabey, countryside writer and one of our vice-presidents. Remember the society in your will and help us ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy commons, green spaces and paths, in town and country, throughout England and Wales.

At the Open Spaces Society, Britain’s oldest national conservation body, we have campaigned to protect commons, greens and paths for more than 150 years. All these are under threat in various ways including from neglect, illegal obstructions and the pressure of new developments. Any gift, large or small, makes a vital difference and enables us to defend the open spaces and paths which are some of our nation’s finest assets.

We know that family and friends will come first but, if you have the opportunity, please consider a gift to the society; it will help us ensure that the open spaces and paths we have all enjoyed will continue to be there for future generations.

Your open spaces need you!