Registered Charity No: 263710 (England & Wales).

Michael never thought he would end up on the streets. He was the manager of a pub, which gave him an income and a roof over his head. But then he became ill.

Michael had an infection in his lower legs which impaired his mobility. When he became too ill to work, he was forced to leave his home within seven days.

Michael had to sleep rough on the streets in the freezing cold. Unable to walk twenty yards, this was the last place he should have been.

Thankfully, Michael got in touch with Shelter. We stood by him and made sure he found somewhere to live.

Home is everything. But right now, millions don’t have a proper one. Thousands of people sleep rough every night, hundreds of thousands more are stuck in unfit temporary accommodation, and 17.5 million people are being failed by our broken housing system.

Every day, we fight for home. When you leave a gift in your will to Shelter, you help people like Michael escape homelessness. You build social homes. You change the law. You fight for something fairer, and you help people take back their future.

Give people real change. Leave a gift in your will to Shelter.