Registered Charity No: 1113753 (England & Wales), SCO39244 (Scotland).

The SPAB was founded by William Morris in 1877 to campaign against threats to historic buildings. Today, it is the UK’s oldest and most expert building conservation charity. We still work to encourage a practical and sympathetic approach to the repair and maintenance of old buildings. Through our advice and guidance, for homeowners and professionals, we share the technical knowledge and experience needed to work sensitively with historic structures, retaining their authenticity, and using appropriate methods. The SPAB is actively involved in providing advice on specific cases across the UK, and this includes campaigning to protect historic buildings at risk. Our successes over the decades are visible across the country. Thousands of buildings survive which would have been lost or irrevocably harmed without our intervention. We believe that old buildings have a future. We train new generations of architectural professionals and building crafts people to care for old buildings with skill and good judgement.

We encourage excellence in new design to enrich and complement what already exists. As well as caring for the cathedrals, castles and country houses that stand tall in our landscape, the SPAB also works hard for the humble cottage, place of worship, barn and mill that represent the unique built fabric of our history and cultural identity.

By leaving a legacy to the SPAB, you will help us to give old buildings a future for generations to come. Your gift will allow us to keep traditional craft skills alive and campaign for our built heritage. We will be able to carry out essential research and give free help and advice to those who look after historic buildings. Together we will inspire a new generation with a love for their heritage.