Registered. Charity No: 1086565 (England & Wales).

Established in 2001, the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary – known, appropriately, as S.O.S. – operates a comprehensive facility for the rescue, care and rehabilitation of owls across East Anglia. It also promotes the need for the conservation of endangered owl species throughout the UK with its Saving Britain’s Owls initiative.

The S.O.S. owl and raptor hospital at Stonham Aspal is unique in the region. It is specially equipped for the care and treatment of the many injured wild owls and other birds of prey it receives every year as a result of road traffic accidents, mishaps, starvation, trauma, disease, poisoning and sometimes even shooting or trapping.

Many of the birds can be given a recuperative, short-term pick-me-up before being re-released into the wild. Those that are more seriously injured but stand a chance of recovery are given medical aid and/or surgery, as determined by their vet. The birds are then allowed space and time to fully recuperate in one of the secluded recovery aviaries, before being carefully returned to the wild.

S.O.S. is regenerating its wild owl nest box scheme that includes building, locating and curating long-lasting, environmentally-friendly nest boxes in appropriate locations to replace the gradual erosion of natural nesting sites. 

S.O.S. is funded purely by donations, and as a small charity the legacies it receives play an important role in enabling it to continue developing its resources in the interests of conserving owl and other bird of prey wildlife in the U.K.