Registered Charity No: 265464 (England & Wales), SCO37624 (Scotland).

Let a lifetime of faith, love and generosity live on. Make your legacy their gift of life.

Tearfund believes that broken relationships are the root cause of poverty. Jesus, in his relentless love, came to restore those relationships.

Our mission is to follow Jesus where the need is greatest, responding to crises and partnering with local churches, organisations and networks to bring hope and restoration to those living in poverty.

Over the years, thanks to the prayers and generosity of our faithful supporters, thousands of local churches have been impacted and envisioned, with millions of lives transformed as a result. With 50 years of helping those in need and a history of excellent practice, Tearfund is among the country’s top ten emergency relief agencies. Our staff and partners work with people regardless of gender, race, religion or anything else, because we believe every person is loved by God.

We are closer than ever to ending extreme poverty and your legacy gift could make all the difference, bringing hope and life for generations to come.

Whenever legacy gifts are entrusted to Tearfund, they are used around the world wherever the need is greatest. Your gift, no matter how big or small, could be a lifeline for those who need it most.

‘One person cannot change the world – but you can change the world for one person.’
George Hoffman, founder of The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund Committee, later named Tearfund.

Please consider leaving a gift to Tearfund in your will. Your generosity will change lives for generations to come.

To speak to someone about leaving a legacy to Tearfund, call 020 3906 3906. Alternatively, you can order a free pack by calling the number above, emailing or by visiting