Registered Charity No: 279000 (England & Wales).
HRH The Duke of Kent.

Making trees matter to everyone.

The Tree Council is a national charity which works to improve the environment through the planting and conservation of trees in town and country across the United Kingdom. The Tree Council knows how much trees matter, since it was founded in 1974 to take Plant a Tree in ’73 forward for a new generation and is committed to:

  • more trees, of the right kind, in the right places
  • better care for all trees, of all ages
  • inspiring effective action for trees

In pursuit of this, it campaigns, initiates, enables and champions action for trees in many ways. It runs popular annual initiatives Seed Gathering Season, National Tree Week, the Tree Care Campaign and Walk in the Woods to get more trees UK grown, planted, cared for and appreciated. In 1990, to support local action, it launched the Tree Warden Scheme that is now a national force of 8,000 volunteers committed to their communities’ trees, helping to protect, care for and to increase their number whilst engaging local people.

The Tree Council also offers tree, orchard and understorey wildflower planting grants for schools and charitable groups. It organises tree conferences and publishes information, from practical how-to guidance to educational materials, in print and online.

Donations and legacies are vital to enable The Tree Council to continue this most important work.