Registered Charity No: 207996 (England & Wales).

UFAW is an internationally-recognized, independent, scientific and educational animal welfare charity concerned with promoting high standards of animal welfare.

UFAW works to improve animal welfare in the UK and overseas by:

  • promoting and supporting developments in animal welfare science
  • promoting education in animal care and welfare, in current issues and in the assessment of welfare
  • providing information, organizing meetings, and publishing books, videos, articles, technical reports and the quarterly scientific journal Animal Welfare providing expert advice to government departments and other bodies and by helping to draft and amend laws and guidelines
  • enlisting the energies of animal keepers, scientists, veterinarians, lawyers and others who care about animals.

UFAW believes that by making rational judgements based upon scientific study, lasting advances can be made in the way we look after animals. For UFAW to continue improving animal welfare, your support is essential. The charity depends upon the kindness and financial help of its members and supporters. Since 1926, they have enabled UFAW to initiate important changes to the way animals are treated and cared for around the world.

Please help us to continue this important work through a donation or legacy. Thank you.

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