Registered Charity No: 1162386 (England & Wales), FL- 159116 (Sri Lanka).

WECare Worldwide is an independent charity set up and run by UK vets and nurses to provide much-needed veterinary care to street animals around the world.

Currently WECare is operating in Sri Lanka, where there are an estimated one million street dogs with no one to look out for them. We offer neutering, vaccination against rabies (which is fatal in both humans and animals) and a fully equipped, international standard veterinary hospital which is dedicated to providing 24 hour emergency care in critical situations. It is the only veterinary inpatient facility for street dogs on the island.

We often see animals in states that are unimaginable and beyond anything we would ever see as vets in the UK. But street dogs are resilient and we believe that they should be given every chance if there is a possibility of a full recovery. We also believe that high standard veterinary care shouldn’t be dependent on whether you are lucky enough to have an owner, so we provide our services to as many street dogs as possible, totaling around 12,000 in the 7 years that we have been operating in the south of Sri Lanka.

We receive no government support and are entirely reliant on the good will of animal lovers around the world who realise that the issues faced by street dogs globally are not only heartbreaking but often entirely preventable.