I’m not in a good mood on Friday afternoons – please don’t call me with sales pitches and concerns about aliens.

I was always told never to see new clients on a Friday afternoon – especially late on a Friday afternoon. Years ago in a galaxy far away a colleague saw a new client who kindly brought in his entire family, gave good advice, didn’t keep a proper note, or indeed any note, and it all ended up badly. What he should have done, the firm’s insurers kindly explained, was to get the client to sever his joint tenancy there and then before he left, went home and died.

Of course.

Years later there is still something about Friday afternoons that is worrying. They attract - let us say - eccentric callers who have waited all week to telephone you. If you are worried about aliens, Freemasons and international conspiracies then Friday afternoon is a good time for a chat with a solicitor. The rest of the world seems to finish work at lunchtime or early afternoon and it is a chance for them to contact their lawyer.

The rest of the world seems to finish work at lunchtime or early afternoon

The time may also attract salespeople of various types. They probably think that they will catch solicitors in a good mood having been at the golf club, having lunched well, and think they will be delighted to buy advertising, review their pension with a complete stranger, change the photocopier and upgrade their telephone system. The fact is that Friday is a busy day sorting out files, ones that should have been worked on in the week, to take home for the weekend.

I am usually contacted by these advertising agencies, usually on behalf of hospitals or GP surgeries. Recently builder’s merchants wanted us to advertise because customers had gone into a builder’s merchant and ‘asked for a solicitor’. Perhaps they had. We get people coming into the office every day asking for bricks, screws and sands.

I think I will get a directory in reception with advertisements for a GP, hospital, undertakers, builder’s merchants or perhaps a sign: Closed on Friday afternoons.