Savings from Civil Liability Bill won’t be passed on by insurers any time soon.

As the Civil Liability Bill continues its passage through the Commons, the personal injury sector could be forgiven for thinking justice minister Rory Stewart’s proposals to hold insurers to account over their promise to pass on any cost savings to motorists offers at least a glimmer of hope (see ‘Civil Liability Bill: MoJ unveils plan for holding insurers to account’, 6 September). Yet, the old adage is true: all that glitters isn’t gold.

It will not be until 2024 or even 2025 that we will discover whether insurers have passed on the huge savings the Civil Liability Bill is likely to generate. By which time I am fairly sure the powerful insurance lobby will have concocted a new reason for the likely savings to be withheld from motorists.

Qamar Anwar
Managing director, First4Lawyers, Huddersfield