I am a sole practitioner in practice on my own since 2002 doing mostly conveyancing and probate. Is everyone else fed up with dealing with negligently run lenders, fighting to stay on their panels all the time and paying estate agents referral fees?

Unless you were a conveyancing factory firm, why would you still be in favour of referral fees in conveyancing? I personally would rather get the work on merit and our profit margins are too small to pay referral fees. Ban them again, please.

Why is the profession not standing up to the bully lenders and their unfair panel practices by urging all client accounts to be moved from offending banks? How else do you really think they will listen?

One more question for today – since when did perjury in court become ‘no biggy’? If you want to stop people ‘trying it on’ in court then you need to have severe

penalties for those found to be making false accusations or perjuring themselves. There you go – three big problems and three solutions – simple.

Sean Crean, Creans Solicitors, Felixstowe