I am sure that John Greenwood (Gazette, 20 November) is by no means the only solicitor to have suffered at the hands of a disappointed opponent.

While still an articled clerk, my firm’s office was almost burnt to the ground by an arsonist whose wife we were acting for. Apparently, he believed that we had some incriminating evidence on our file.

Some 45 years ago my firm acted for a wife in divorce proceedings, which ended up with the husband being denied access to his children. For all this time he has borne a grudge against me, notwithstanding that I did not act but simply happened to be the nominated solicitor on the Legal Aid Certificate. We still receive telephone messages from him saying that he hopes that I and my son die a horrible death, and occasionally he deposits heavy parcels in our reception area warning the receptionist that the parcel contains a bomb.

Thankfully, I am not the sort of person who ever has any concerns about such irrational behaviour, but junior members of staff have been known to urge everyone to leave the building until they have accepted this pattern of behaviour goes back many years.

Richard Male

Male & Wagland, Potters Bar