I entirely agree with everything so trenchantly said by Stuart Wild in his letter last week (‘[Criminal] justice needs protecting’, 19 February). His comments also have equal force in relation to the parlous state of the civil justice system, in which I sat as a judge for almost 33 years.

The one sad thing that I learned in that time is that successive governments – but particularly this one – simply do not care about the rule of law or the justice system. Of course, they say they do care but talk is quick, easy and cheap, and the reality vastly different.

Frankly, I despair about the future of our once world-class justice system. It might be otherwise if some senior judges adopted a less compliant attitude with the Ministry of Justice but, for reasons best known to themselves, they seem unable or unwilling to stand up and be counted.

Dr Stephen Pacey

North Muskham, Nottinghamshire