Only one in 20 judges is an ethnic minority and only one in four is female. Yet more than 12% of the population are non-white and 50% are female.

We are not doing enough to address this issue. A more diverse judiciary would bring different perspectives to bear on the development of the law and to the concept of justice itself. It would also, importantly, increase public confidence in the justice system.

My generation of ethnic minorities has broken the glass ceiling, but to make this achievement worthwhile others have to follow and do better. It is the next generation who should be vested with the confidence to achieve higher positions in the judiciary.

I am delighted the Rt Hon Lord Neuberger, president of the Supreme Court, will deliver a lecture on diversity in the judiciary on 12 March in the House of Commons. The lecture is part of the Rainbow Lecture Series with the purpose of reflecting on the progress and importance of ethnic minority representation across public and political life.

If you wish to attend the lecture or want further information please email  

Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, convenor of the Rainbow Lecture Series, chairman of the Home Affairs Committee