Discussion concerning Brexit seems to be losing its anchoring in facts.

A reader comment in the Gazette of 13 February states that the population to land mass ratio in the UK is ‘basically higher than anywhere else in the EU’. The population density in the UK is 261.66 per sq km. Leaving aside Monaco (15,254 per sq km), the UK’s population density is exceeded by the Netherlands (406.26) and Belgium (342.29). Germany has a population density of 226.87.

The area of the UK supposedly with the highest level of immigration (London) actually voted to remain in the EU. A simple link between immigration concerns and the vote to leave is by no means clear-cut.

If the post-Brexit Nirvana is to be Singapore-on-Thames (Singapore has a population density of 7,987.52 per sq km), then we shall certainly need regular holidays to get away from the scrum. Whether frequent holidays instantly equate with us being ‘better off’ in economic terms is another matter.

Robert Stevenson, partner, BLM, London EC3