Good story from John Hyde: ‘Legal assistant Lee Hull fined £2k over university lies on bogus CV’. But could I suggest an alternative headline?: ‘Hull gets confused over Leeds universities’.

As someone who studied at Leeds Met when it was Leeds Poly, I cannot see what Mr Hull was embarrassed about. After all, the Poly/Met generally had better gigs – The Clash aside.  

I was privileged to have my student fees and maintenance paid by Leeds City Council, not only for my first degree at Keele University, but also to study the Law Society Finals at Leeds Poly. I very much doubt I could have become a solicitor otherwise. With this in mind, I fully support the Law Society’s social mobility ambassadors scheme.

Mr Hull apparently claimed that he attended Yale University, too. I cannot claim any link to that institute. However, I would suggest that Leeds Poly/Met had better gigs than Yale, too.

Tony Roe, Tony Roe Solicitors, Reading