The writer who talks about the Legal Practice Course (‘More than one LPC provider’) is missing the point. The main problem is getting the training contract afterwards.

My very accomplished 23-year-old daughter has three As at A-level (all traditional subjects), a Russell Group 2.1 Hons Law degree and the LPC from the University of Law.

Can she secure a training contract after all that time, money and slog?

I do not think it matters what provider/place of study is chosen for the LPC; it appears to make no difference.

The whole selection process is super-selective and soul-destroying. I am sure many of you reading this, sitting comfortably at your desks, would not stand a chance today – work experience required, vacation schemes, internships and ridiculous online testing.

My husband had never been near a law office and worked in a factory the summer before he started his training.

Give these young people a break!

Maggie O’Brien, London SW20