I am sure nearly all lawyers have the old-fashioned motive of wanting to help others in an honourable and professional way and to be respected for that. The City can be seen as a force for good and the engine room of our economy, or it can sometimes attract poor publicity in terms of a perception of greed, self-interest and lack of ethics.

The Global Law Summit brought together a huge number of fine expert lawyers with important contributions to make. We at CMS thought it would send a strong message if lawyers could be seen as a force for good and Magna Carta could have a lasting legacy with a meaningful charitable donation. War Child protects the interests of vulnerable children in desperate need in war zones and whose human rights are compromised.

CMS is a top-10 global law firm and chose to support War Child because of its global impact and because the world is currently challenged with numerous conflicts. The firm made a substantial donation to the charity in December, has a full programme of fundraising events for the year ahead and is proud to have donated both corporately and individually to the Global Law Summit Magna Carta Fund.

Penelope Warne, senior partner, CMS Cameron McKenna