Profession needs to be aware that ability trumps background.

Wake-up call

What a disappointment it was to read your story on the Bridge Group’s social mobility report that found solicitors from less affluent background are struggling to move up the ranks (‘Working-class solicitors struggle to win promotion’, 2 October). 

There has been more than enough talk about diversity in the profession, but we’re far from being a beacon of best practice.

When will the profession wake up to the fact that ability trumps background?

Linda Ford
Chief Executive, CILEx

Wedding invitation

I have just read the 17 September Gazette. I could not agree more with the point made by Mr Peter Bolwell regarding unmarried couples. If couples want the same rights as married couples then they should marry. They are free to choose not to marry but why, then, should they expect the same rights?

Mrs J E Bennell
RLK Solicitors, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Peddling transparency

I am embracing the transparency policy so here is an extract soon to be available on our website:

‘Since achieving her cycling proficiency certificate in 1962, Jan has gained many skills and qualifications. A thrilling grade A in geology O-level was followed by a dismal Desmond in politics and economic history from the University of York in 1973.

‘As a fully trained radio telephonist, Jan worked her way through law school and clients are still attracted to us by her enunciation and telephone skills.

‘Jan’s hourly charging rate is £250 plus VAT. All other solicitors in the firm charge less but they deny having cycling proficiency certificates.’

Jan Stanton
Stantons, Gravesend, Kent