Jonathan Rayner’s blog ‘What price a life shortened by abuse’ is well-written and to the point.

Both my younger brother and I were abused. My brother got into drugs. He did a bad drug deal when he was in his late 20s and was struck over the head with a metal bar. He died within minutes from a severe brain haemorrhage.

I too have struggled, but am down from two bottles of whisky a night to two bottles of wine. I am much improved but still working on it.

Our firm has no loans, we pay all bills on time and we have no debt. There is not much money, but we survive.

I have gone through a period of respite but, as expected, this opened up old wounds. No problem; that is life.

Many thanks for the article. I have not cried alone in many months but I did tonight.

As Mr Rayner states: ‘It’s been a long wait. Many of the complainants are now middle-aged. Many of them have died from drug abuse or suicide brought on by the traumas they suffered.’

This is another emotional period that I must overcome, as I have done in the past.

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