I read your general election feature in Gazette with interest, although I was surprised to see that the Gazette favoured only the ‘Lib Lab Con’ approach, giving space for solicitor candidates only for those three parties.

I am the adopted candidate for Ukip and stood in previous general elections in Fareham and last time in Slough. This time I was the candidate for Reading East, although unfortunately I have recently had to stand down due to pressures of work and health.

However, I do not remember ever being contacted. I would respectfully remind you that we now have two members of parliament and indeed, in the last nationwide elections for the European Parliament we gained more members for Brussels than any of the Lib Lab Con! Do I detect a bias?

Peter Mason-Apps, Mason-Apps Smallmans & Co, Maidenhead

  • Editor’s note: No. We repeatedly contacted another Ukip lawyer who is standing at next month’s general election but he did not respond. Mr Mason-Apps slipped through the net, alas.