The word is that senior judges are determined to drive forward the plan for online courts.

A while ago I suggested that it would be reasonable to set up a network of access points – rather like computer cafes – staffed by officials to help the litigant in person access a judge, having mapped out their case.

I am disappointed that no such help is envisaged and that the poor old LiP may have to go it alone. Do the ‘powers that be’ have the slightest understanding of how computer-illiterate are many of those seeking to access courts?

The take-up of legal aid in family and civil matters, before it was so drastically curtailed, gives one a clue as to the proportion of LiPs who now avail themselves of the courts. On recent experience it is about 70% or so of court users.

By omitting any help it follows that this will reduce the possibility of thousands of potential litigants obtaining access to justice.

John Greenwood, Chippenham, Wilts