Should there be an accreditation scheme in general practice for solicitors? That is what solicitors used to do, particularly high street and general firms. Any client could go to any solicitor firm and get basic advice on a range of legal subjects. If the adviser did not know then he or she would point them in the right direction.

I recently received a booklet from the Law Society on the accreditation schemes. Accreditation has been very successful. The idea seems to have started in the 1980s and has expanded to cover many areas of specialism. It will continue to serve the profession and public well. Anything that enhances quality and increases awareness of the work we do is good, but what about a scheme for general (high street) practice? Hopefully it is not as daft as it seems. There used to be the green forms legal advice scheme set up by Law Society to guard the profession against law centres in the 1970s and a £5 fixed-fee scheme offering advice on any subject.

The Society’s report on the future of legal services makes it clear that we face challenging times. Other providers of advice such as those in the not-for-profit sector are withdrawing their services. There is a need for general practice alongside the specialist services at which we excel.

David Pickup, Pickup and Scott, Aylesbury