Having just received my Gazette, can I draw readers’ attention to the excellent publication which accompanied it entitled ‘Luxury Selections’. Usually, such unwarranted additions to the cellophane packet are consigned to file 13 without even a cursory glance.

However, today, such a publication has been met with great appreciation.

As a typical ‘high street’ solicitor, I am always looking for ways to spend the vast sums of money I have left over at the end of each month. To find a collection of ways that I can do so all in one little compendium has come as a pleasant and exciting surprise.

No longer will I wonder where I can get my next vintage vehicle. And to know when the next open day for my children’s chosen boarding school takes place definitely puts my mind at rest. If I am unable to make the open day, I can just send the nanny a contact for which I need look no further.

Well done Law Society, you have got your finger right on the pulse! I’m off to see the bank about transferring my surplus cash to solar funds; a snip at £40,000 minimum investment.

Greg Smith, Lambert, Taylor & Gregory Gateshead