I am glad to see the sensible decision in SRA v Andersons (‘Benchmark test for charging’, 3 March). Perhaps my scepticism about ‘outcomes-focused regulation’ has been misplaced.

The importance, of course, lies in the levelling of the playing field between those firms such as mine, which charge a proper price for the job (with an up-front estimate and no extras save in the most extreme of circumstances), and those with whom we have to compete, who take our clients on false pretences.

We now need some help against agents who ‘refer’ their applicants to their ‘pet’ firm, which ‘really knows’ about leasehold and the ‘fixed price’ factory, which does not give all-embracing advice (for example, declarations of trust).

SRA, keep up the good work.

Malcolm Bell, partner, Harold Bell & Co, Ewell, Surrey