I have read a great deal about the charges we make to clients and, in conveyancing and wills, how low they are in light of the responsibilities we face.

Solicitors are their own worst enemies. As long as we attempt to undercut each other, this will continue.

Yet again, I have recently seen a long-established firm advertise conveyancing from £200. They and others continue the undercutting war to a ridiculous extent. In doing so, they undermine the profession, cut corners, undervalue our work and set a dangerous precedent for future work.

I do not seek to argue for an illegal cartel. But my experience of making contact with provincial French lawyers has been rather shocking. They rarely answer the phone or return a call, and take an age to do anything.

This might be because they all seem to charge a flat rate of 1%: two completions a week is enough to fuel a respectable work/life balance.

If we are all brave enough to quote realistic and transparent fees, we might get our lives back.

Nigel A Jones, JMD Law, Cardiff