I was pleased to see the article, ‘Make agile working work’ (8 May). I have been working flexibly, part-time since February 2009 at Tony Roe Solicitors, a small family law practice. I am not a partner. It has had a very beneficial effect on my work-life balance. I have weekly hours, but can carry forward credit, so that I work less in school holidays. I can also spread the hours across the week in a way that suits me, with a combination of being in the office and working from home. It works well for me and my employer. I have regular, but not rigidly fixed, days so I adjust my time to fit with work requirements. My employer provided me with a laptop. I have never missed a work commitment because it is not my day in the office. I have also never missed a school play.

It is fair to say that over eight years ago when I started working flexibly, my employer was one of the trailblazers for this in the legal sector. It was also not my suggestion; it was something Tony offered. I would not have asked, because it did not occur to me that I could have this arrangement as a solicitor. I could not have been more delighted – it solved so many issues for me as a parent. It is excellent to see that it is becoming much more widespread, including in large firms, and I hope such arrangements continue to grow.

Tracey O’Dwyer, solicitor and mediator, Tony Roe Solicitors, Divorce & Family Lawyers, Theale, Reading